About Us

VENUSS is a family owned company and is expanding rapidly. The processes, quality control, finance, human resources and marketing are managed and monitored by the family members. This has enabled us to achieve and maintain high level of product quality and also maintaining good customer relations. Being a family concern, the decision making process is faster and also extremely flexible. This is our strength for steady growth and customer satisfaction. The manufacturing process, quality controls are directed by highly qualified chemist and chemical engineers who are doctorate degree holders in that area of studies. Our qualities and standards are on par with international standards. We are suppliers to some of the leading Flavor and Fragrance MNCs.

VENUSS supply 100% Pure and Natural products of Indian origin. We are constantly developing new products and investing more on quality control and on research and development. We deliver quality services and quality products at the most competitive prices. We have separate plant for production of Essential Oil and Spice Oils by Steam Distillation, Spice Oleoresins by Solvent Extraction and Floral Concentrates and Absolutes also by Solvent Extraction and Spice Powders by Size Reduction. Special care is taken that all our products are manufactured in closed systems and conform to the various international regulations. Our products are free of genetically modified organisms, enzymes, catalysts, novel proteins, animal fats, DNA and allergen. Our lab is well equipped with modern equipments that check and guarantee the quality of raw materials, right up to the final products. We have the installed capacity for producing 2 tons of natural extracts per day. We are the leading importers of Dry Fruits and Nuts from Iran, Iraq, UAE, USA and Turkey. We also import fresh fruits from China, Turkey and Russia. Our inspection officers, expert quality controllers examine the imported products and make sure their level of quality matches the international standards.

VENUSS has turnover of over 1,000,000 USD per year. We have 71 employees, who are guided by our Mission "to be passionate in anticipating and providing the best natural extracts that excite our customers”. The foundation of the company's growth over the last 27 years is a deep understanding of economic stimuli and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offerings through leading edge R & D. Our planet is fragile and global warming affecting the livelihood. Protecting it guarantees prosperous future for our business. Hence, protecting the environment, safeguarding natural resources, improving growing conditions and fostering local economic development are VENUSS's real concerns. In our sites, we endeavor to integrate environmental rules into our business of producing natural extracts. We constantly work on improving our industrial processes and controlling our consumption levels and emissions, with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment. VENUSS is equally focused on developing environment-friendly technologies for manufacturing natural extracts.

VENUSS has always demonstrated its commitment to the community not just through the quality of its products and services, but also through socially responsible initiatives for the community. We believe in building the community in which we live and operate by supporting its ongoing development. VENUSS is involved in a variety of community development projects and programs in the vicinity of our establishment. As a small company, we too have really reached our social responsibility.

VENUSS recognizes its responsibility to ensure safety and protection of health of its employees, contractors and visitors in all its operating sites, which include manufacturing, sales and distribution and offices during work and work related travels. We comply with all Quality, Environment & Occupational Health /Safety requirements.